Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Broken Key Stuck In Your Lock?

Broken Key Stuck In Your Lock?

Have you ever experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when you stick your key in your door, give it a twist, and SNAP, it breaks in half?

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time and often when you least expect it, but you shouldn’t panic. There are 9 easy ways to remove the broken key from the lock using various tools and common household items without ever having to call car locksmith. However, Mr. Rekey is always available to help you with any problems you may have with your locks or keys.​

The method that will work best for you depends on the type of lock you’re dealing with, how far into the lock your key is wedged, what you have on hand, and how much time you have to devote to your key-extracting endeavor.

One thing that will simplify your job significantly, regardless of which approach you decide to take, is spray lubricant (like WD-40). Whatever brand you might already have should do the trick, though graphite or some other form of dry lubricant will be less likely to gum up the duplicate key. Just apply it directly around the portion of the key that is stuck in the lock to help it slide out more easily.

Another helpful tool to have is a pair of needle nose pliers. If you are able to work the key far enough out of the lock to get a good hold on it, you can grab the end and pull it the rest of the way out with the pliers. If there is already a remnant of the key sticking out when it breaks, you may be able to remove it with the pliers and forgo the time and energy of using one of the following methods.​

STOP! Before You Try to Remove the Key
​Before you unintentionally cause yourself additional trouble, there are a few things you need to know before attempting to remove a broken key from a lock.

Many people’s initial reaction is to try and use the remaining half of the key in conjunction with the broken half to try and open the lock even after the key breaks. DO NOT DO THIS. The further you push the broken piece into the lock, the more difficult it will be to remove, and some methods may not work at all if the key is lodged too deeply within the lock.

While you will not need the remaining half of the key to open the door, you do want to hang on to it. Once you extract the other half, you can take the two pieces to a locksmith or local hardware store to have a new key made.

Finally, remember that every scenario is slightly different, and this is not an exact science. You can use similar methods with different tools based on what is available to you, and you may have to use trial and error to figure out what will work best in your specific situation.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Best VR headsets

The OCULUS RIFT BUNDLE is the headset that started the current hysteria. Developed by Palmer Luckey, funded via Kickstarter and snapped up by Facebook for a cool $2 billion, the Rift plugs into your computer's DVI and USB ports and tracks your head movements to provide 3D imagery on its stereo screens.
The consumer edition Rift uses a 2160 x 1200 resolution, working at 233 million pixels per second, with a 90Hz refresh rate. It's high-tech stuff, and matches the HTC Vive for refresh. However, given its access to the power of the latest PCs, it's pushing a lot more pixels than Sony's PS VR headset.

The Oculus Touch controllers arrived at the end of 2016 and have made a world of difference. Not just that, but when it comes to games Oculus has come on leaps and bounds. That's been largely helped by some developer cash injections from Facebook, giving us quality, polished titles like Lone Echo and Robo Recall. Room-scale support has been added too, though you'll need to purchase at least one additional sensor to get it to Vive-level tracking, and even then the Vive tracking experience is a little better.

Simply put, the Oculus Rift platform is finally a finished product that excels at giving you the VR experience the company initially promised. The price is a lot lower now too, especially now that Oculus is including the Touch controllerswith every headset from here on out. Oculus VR permanently dropped the price to $399 after a successful "Summer of Rift" event. Taking into account the games, the experience, the quality of the VR and price, the Rift has climbed up to the top spot of our list, kicking Vive off the top and becoming our new VR champion. But guess who's not far behind...

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sony WH-1000XM2

What are the Sony WH-1000XM2?

In 2016, the Trusted Reviews award for Best Headphones went to the Sony MDR-1000X, excellent wireless and noise-cancelling headphones with an intelligent set of features. The Sony WH-1000XM2 are their successor, and they’re a little better in almost every way.

The market is tougher now, and Sony faces fierce competition from the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and B&W PX. But the new 1000X get so many things right it’s hard to fault them. They sound great, the noise cancellation is effective, and most of the features are genuinely useful.

If you’re looking for an everyday pair of headphones, these are hard to beat.

Sony WH-1000XM2 – Design

The MDR-1000X had an excellent design (like DENON DJ HP1100 ) that didn’t need fixing, so Sony has basically left it alone. That’s fine, since it meant the company could spare some resources towards expanding the 1000X range – check out the Sony WF-1000X wireless earbuds.

Anyway, the Sony WH-1000XM2 are more of a facelift than a makeover – there are a few minor improvements over the original, but unless you’re really looking for them you probably won’t notice.

They still look very smart, with the same streamlined silhouette and hardly any branding. The body is mainly plastic, with polished metal in the headband and good quality synthetic leather at the ears.

The paintjob is a little different: the beige version is now closer to champagne gold, while the black version is more gunmetal greyish blue. This adds a little visual flair, but the overall effect is no less subtle. If you want something with an executive vibe, the 1000XM2 will do nicely.

The synthetic leather on the outside of the ear cups has been swapped for a more tactile alternative. It’s less smooth to the touch – some might say it’s more plasticky – but I feel it’s thicker and tougher. I welcome this change, because the smooth finish of the original always seemed at risk of scratching. Now I feel a little less bad throwing them straight into my bag without first using the protective carry case.

What hasn’t changed is the polyurethane foam stuffed into the headband and ear pads. They’re as squishy as ever, and the 1000XM2 are as comfortable as their predecessors. Clamp force is just right; they hold the sides of your head but never squeeze. As before, the headband expands with satisfying clicks. The earcups can fold inwards on hinges, as well as swivel flat.

The buttons have been streamlined. Power/pairing remains where it is, but noise cancelling and ambient sound adjustment have been merged into one. That makes it a little harder to press the wrong thing, which might sound minor, but there’s value in being able to just get on with your listening.

Sony WH-1000XM2 – Features

The improvements to the features list is a lot less subtle. There have been quite a lot of tweaks and additions.

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The Bluetooth has been upgraded. The WH-1000XM2 are compatible with aptX HD, a higher quality Bluetooth format that can handle hi-res audio up to 24bit/48kHz. LDAC is also included, and it can handle 24bit/96kHz, but it’s a proprietary Sony format, limited to Sony devices. The left ear has an NFC chip for quicker Bluetooth pairing.

The touch-sensitive control pad on the right ear cup has been tightened up, so your inputs feel more accurate and responsive.TheQuick Attention mode, where you hold your palm to the right ear to mute, remains unchanged.

The Ambient Sound feature is smarter. It still allows audio passthrough so you can be more aware of the outside world, but now it’s adaptive. The strength of noise cancellation will vary according to what you’re doing – sitting around, walking around, riding in vehicles or running for the bus.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Best Rechargeable Battery Charger (for AA and AAA Batteries)

After six hours of looking over specifications and comparing reviews, we found three different chargers that will keep your batteries in top condition with differing degrees of input. The Panasonic Advanced Individual NiMH Battery Charger (for example: SUNJACK USB BATTERY CHARGER ) is the best pick for most people that want reliable charging without much fuss—it even includes four Eneloop AA batteries, which would otherwise set you back about $12 on their own. If you do want to take the time to measure and maximize your batteries’ performance (and are willing to pay about twice as much for that ability), the Lacrosse BC-700 allows for more in-depth monitoring and management without spending too much. And if four slots isn’t enough, the Powerex MH-C800S can charge up to eight batteries at once while giving you some basic feedback on their progress. All three models offer independent charging slots (so you don’t have to charge them in pairs like on older chargers) and more accurate monitoring and charging.

No matter what charger you use, you can follow a few simple rules to keep your batteries in the best condition possible. First, if your charger has selectable current, choose the option that’s about 500 mA (.5 A) or less for AAs and about 200 mA (.2 A) or less for AAAs–sometimes labeled “slow” or “gentle” charging. Charging at higher speeds can reduce the number of times you’ll be able to recharge your batteries. Overcharging batteries can also reduce their capacity. Even though our recommended chargers are designed to prevent overcharging (they detect charge states by utilizing Negative Delta V detection and pulse charging) and cut off current when batteries are full, small leaks and trickle charges over long periods of time may still cause cumulative damage. So don’t store your batteries on the charger. Instead, take them off within a day of charging.

If you want simple charging and don’t care to monitor your battery’s capacity down to the mAh, your best option is the Panasonic Advanced Individual NiMH Battery Charger (BQ-CC17ABA). It has four individually managed charging positions that let you mix any combination of AA and AAA batteries and doesn’t require two batteries at a time like comparably priced offerings from Duracell and Energizer or many older chargers. It’s dead simple to use: just put your batteries in and wait until the charging light turns off.

Underneath the hood, it uses the more sophisticated techniques of expensive chargers to avoid undercharged batteries that discharge quickly or overcharged batteries that will end up with a shorter service life (and will become unusable sooner). It will charge your batteries at a gentle 300 mA to preserve capacity and will automatically terminate the charge when it detects that your batteries are full–about seven hours for a typical NiMH AA battery.

Since prices change frequently, it’s worth comparing the stand-alone charger to the charger with four batteries to see which one is the better deal.

The Lacrosse BC-700 will help anyone that wants to actively manage their batteries squeeze out every drop of power without adding superfluous features and breaking the bank like the top-of-the-line Powerex WizardOne—but it still costs about twice as much as the Panasonic charger. The BC-700 is based on the same pulsed charging and Negative Delta V detection as the Panasonic above, so you know it’s an accurate, automatic charger. But while the Eneloop charger does everything behind the scenes, the BC-700 displays the status of each battery position on a small LCD and allows you to independently select between three charging speeds as well as a variety of testing and maintenance modes. For most people, the repeated button presses needed to sort through these features will just make rechargeable batteries seem like a chore, but the work can help eke out slightly longer lives and marginally increased capacity if you’re willing to invest the time.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Information My Roof Truss Manufacturer May Require When Designing My Roof

At some point either as a contractor or home owner, you may have to purchase roof trusses. Whether the roof is to get a simple wooden shed or an intricate hipped attic extension, it's helpful to understand what information the truss designer might need.

It is most likely your construct will have proceeded in the architect's drawings and much of the detail that you need will be given there. In more complex cases there may be engineers specifications also, giving details such as wind bracing and establishing loadings.

Discussion of the many types of roof construction is beyond the scope of this article and will be covered in further publications. However, since part of the design process and through discussions with your architect, You'll Have resolved issues such as:

Hipped or gabled roof layout
Vaulted or flat ceilings
Using the loft space as living accommodation (room-in-the-roof)
Whilst by no means exhaustive, this report explains some of the terminologies you will encounter. It summarizes some of the ideas you may need to think about ahead of your interview with your truss designer.
brick pointing contractors

1. Brief anatomy of a roof truss

You can think of a simple common roof truss for a triangle; with two leading championships (rafters) of the identical pitch meeting with an apex and attached at their base by a bottom chord (ceiling tie). This 'close couple method' is your basic shape from which most roofing constructor Bronx NY truss layouts develop.

Within the truss, linking the rafters and ceiling tie together, are lots of webs. All these webs form triangular patterns that help disperse the forces within the truss (triangulation of forces). The most frequent form of Bronx roofing contractors truss used for dwellings is the Fink roof truss, recognizable by the distinctive w-shape formed by its webs.

2. What is the general span of the roofers Bronx truss?

Measured in millimeters, the general length of a roof truss is considered to be the span over the wall plates. It is defined as the distance between the outside edges of the two supporting wall plates. These generally coincide with the setting out stage of this truss, in which the undersides of the rafter and ceiling tie meet. Typically, therefore, the general length is also the length of the ceiling tile.

3. What is the height/pitch of the truss?

The pitch of sidewalk violation is the angle formed by the rafters into the flat and can be measured in levels. Mono pitch trusses have just one rafter and therefore one pitch to consider (think of a right angle. Common trusses such as the Fink roofing Bronx truss are double pitch, usually using the same pitch on either side.

There are circumstances where you might require a dual pitch truss using different angles, either as a nuance of design or where you're fitting into an existing roofline.

If you're not able to offer a roof pitch, then the truss designer may use the truss height. The elevation of concrete sidewalk repair is described as the vertical dimension in the apex (upper most point of this truss) into the bottom of the ceiling tile.

If you remember your high school math, you might see the association between the pitch and the perpendicular elevation.

4. What's the roof truss spacing?

In the United Kingdom, roof trusses are traditionally spaced at 400 or 600-millimetre facilities. These dimensions work well with those of wall finish boards and panels, being 2400 by 1200 millimeters.

600 millimeter has become cement sidewalk repair spacing for timber frame buildings. This will mean fewer roof trusses are required and represent a substantial saving. However, that the trusses can require slightly larger timber sections and bigger nail plates. There is also a possibility of deflection in battens supporting heavier waterproofing Bronx coverings such as natural slates, which may become evident.

When utilizing brick masonry contractor finish like box-profile or lightweight sheeting, rafter spacing may be increased following the manufacturer's specifications.

5. What will be the overhang, eaves and fascia detail?

The overhang is that the extension of a rafter (or ceiling tie) beyond its own support or posture (wall plate). The eave is area after the point where the overhanging rafter moves the external face of a building. In several cases, this is an outside skin and not exactly like the truss wall.

The overhang and eave line provide the width for the soffit; the board secured underneath the eaves to conceal the timbers.

The fascia board is a horizontal board fitted together with the length of the building and adjusted to the end of the truss overhangs. The fascia itself is usually produced from a plastic derivative, fixed against deteriorating in the sun.

6. What is the use of the brick pointing NYC?

The obvious answer is the brick pointing contractors the frame supporting the brickwork pointing contractors finish, protecting for the construction. But, brick pointing Bronx trusses do much more than this and supply a number of additional functions You Might Need to consider, such as:

Architectural aesthetic
Integral functions (service for the inner ceiling finishes etc)
Support for solutions (water tanks etc)
Support for insulation, alternate energy
Access for upkeep
All these represent different articles in their own right. However, it's worth briefly mentioning the notion of storage in attic space or attic rooms. You must consider carefully the amount of substance you're accumulating in your roof area. If you are most likely to get any particular storage needs you must mention these to your truss designer.

7. What's the loading on the roof repair NYC truss?

In addition to possible storage inside the loft area, the truss designer also has to think about numerous other loading factors. These include:

Tile or slate heaps
The construction location
Breeze load
Snow load
Ceiling loads
Ceiling finishes
Water tank loads
Attic trusses
Floors loads
Internal finishes
Internal or external openings

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick is the most affordable way to bring Alexa home

Amazon today officially released the updated model of its Amazon Fire Stick Kodi, which today involves the energy of Alexa, thanks to the involved speech-managed remote. This is actually the most memorable improvement for the new streaming Television dongle, which also sports enhanced internals, like a quad-core processor and faster Wi-Fi.

With Alexa built-in, it is possible to search across not simply Amazon’s own movie collection, but in addition third party companies, like Netflix, HBO Currently, and Hulu, in addition to handling the play of Amazon’s video information.
amazon fire stick free channels

On the Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi, you’ll also be ready-to-use Alexa as you could on an Echo audio – that's, you can ask her for news and activities revisions, the weather, generate to-do databases, or benefit from her add on abilities, such as calling you an Uber or reading your tweets, for example.

This makesAmazon Fire Stick jailbroken today essentially the most economical approach to bring Alexa to the household, considering the fact that the cheapest Amazon speaker, the Match Dot, prices around $10 more.

Of course, Alexa excels on the Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken with Kodi by working out for your search and understand through media information. Alexa may search across Amazon Movie, and third-party providers like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and others. As a whole, Alexa could utilize over 90 apps and stations, the company says.

Which means you are able to request her to perform your preferred exhibit, even if that show isn’t on Amazon. You may also ask her for strategies of things to view, by declaring something similar to “find romantic comedies,” or asking to view dozens of applications having a particular actor, as an example.

When a tv program or flick can be acquired across numerous applications, Amazon Fire Stick free channels can present your entire viewing options – including “watch,” “rent” or “purchase” – which means you don’t find yourself getting anything you can view at no cost with a request.

This an appealing move on Amazon’s element, given that selling content from its own movie directory is among the key tactics Amazon might make money by finding its Amazon Fire Stick unlocked into consumers’ residences. Nonetheless, it looks that the dongle is planning within the path of Roku, which takes a more agnostic approach to selling the content available on its platform.

However, Alexa, however, works best on Amazon’s own material. While streaming Amazon Video, you need to use voice commands to rewind, fast-forward, play and stop your programs.

Alexa may also supply your music from Pandora, Amazon Audio, and iHeartRadio, launch your applications, proceed to the next instance in a set, and much more.

A New User Interface

The Amazon Fire Stick for sale will also shortly hobby a new user-interface, which Amazon is revealing today. This will get to an over-the-oxygen update later this year, hitting the Stick in front of the Amazon Fire Stick fully loaded.

Amazon suggests the updated interface seeks to provide a “more cinematic experience,” as it incorporates things such as video trailers and information screenshots, as well as fresh strategies to personalize the experience to you.

Like, Amazon is currently dealing with third-party information partners like Netflix and HBO to take in your guidelines from those providers, that will then get their own row within the new interface.

As anyone who has performed around with nearly all the streamers atones position or another, from the absolute usability standpoint, that is possibly one of many most exciting improvements. On Apple TV, there’s nothing like this; while on Roku, the organization resolved modification through a News Feed-rescue “Home Feed” which pulls in updates from your own favorite shows.

Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken for sale and Amazon Fire Stick hack may alternatively mash up your entire tips. Meaning, rather than moving and from programs and their own individual watchlists, your Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken household screen may only display exactly what you want to observe.

And Amazon tells people it plans on incorporating more partners’ suggestion rows within the “coming months.”

Of course, Amazon’s own content, however, gets bigger and better payment here, but it’s a part of the right way toward something that appears more like the top-in-class Netflix interface, but with featured material that comes from beyond only one service’s walls.

General, with all the mixture of Alexa, the brand new program, the speed boost, and Hearth TV’s ongoing service for third-party apps – including the common “Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken” app Amazon Fire Stick Kodi – the Amazon Fire Stick Kodi will be a powerful decision, provided its low-price level.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Mighty Mule FM500 – Review

Did you ever enjoyed to accomplish the things you like to at just the simple touch of a button? Here is an excellent product, the Mighty Mule FM200 gate opener, which will help the user to open the gate in simple touch of a button. This automatic gate opener is specifically well engineered to ensure an easy installation as well as easy operation. The FM500 gate opener products are designed for a variety of single swing gate applications and can be easily installed for gates up to a maximum gate length of 18ft. and up to 850lbs of gate weight.

About the company

Regarded as America’s most reliable DIY Gate Opener brand, Might Mule provides a variety of gate applications for residential driveway gates, agricultural gates, farm gates and other property needs. With many years of experience in this industry, the company has introduced many types of gate opener products and access controls including GTO/ACCESS systems and GTO/PRO branded products.

A powerful DIY gate opener with standard features

The Mighty Mule FM500 automatic gate opener is a remote-controlled gate opener system which comes with all standard installation hardware. It enables the user to conveniently open and close the gate using a transmitter or access control. These gate openers can be easily installed to a variety of existing or new driveway gate applications and works well with any kind of swing gates including chain link, tube, aluminum, panel, ornamental, vinyl and wood gates.

FM500 is designed with specialized soft start/soft stop technology which is found in top quality professional grade systems. This technology helps to control the speed of the gate while opening or closing and reduce the stress of mechanism, and so improves the life of opener and hardware. Another highlight of this product is that it has an efficient battery backup system, which will help the user to operate the gate even during a power failure. The enhanced feature of Mighty Mule FM500 includes a maximum of 225 cycles per day using an AC transformer.


Mighty Mule FM500 gate opener is a low voltage, battery operated system which can be installed easily within 2-3 hours. Each gate opener kit comes with an installation DVD along with easy to read instructions. The product kit includes gate opener, transmitter, control box, battery, hardware, receiver, transformer and signs. The large control box provides space for an additional battery and accessories. Mighty Mule offers a wide range of optional accessories including gate opening sensors, digital keypads, pin locks, automatic gate locks, solar panel and more to enhance the usability of the product.

Safety features and Warranty

Mighty Mule automatic gate openers strictly meet the UL325 safety standards. If the gate comes in contact with any kind of object, the built in obstruction sensing system efficiently stops and reverse the direction of the gate. In a situation where the gate obstructs with any object two times, an alarm sound will be played for five minutes.

Mighty Mule FM500 automatic gate opener comes with standard warranty against defects in materials and manufacturer workmanship for a period of 18 months. In case there is any product damage, due to defective material or workmanships within this warranty period, the company will repair or replace the product at no cost to the user.